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Women and Coffee
It is to the early American ladies, particularly those in the fledgling city of Washington, D.C., that we owe our passion for coffee. Furious at the taxes on tea (how is one to budget for the household with such expenses!), the wives, from the First Lady to the wives of congressmen said no to tea thus coffee became the socially acceptable beverage at every gathering and event from New York to Philadelphia, from D.C. to Roanoke.

In the early 1900s in Germany it was not uncommon for women to gather for coffee and gossip making Kaffee Klatch a household name. It became a term to describe a conversation relaxed and enjoyed by all. This trend lives on as women all over the world share ideas, dreams and woes over a cup of steaming coffee. We also honor the emerging industry of woman coffee growers who nurture a social conscience as carefully as they coddle their beans. Long may they thrive!
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Coffee Chat Blend

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Woman's Bold Blend

An assertive flavor that reflects its no nonsense roots...

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